Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Zoom Works - All Options Complete

Zoomed 16:10 on 16:9 display. Side borders are visible.
After straightening out my math I was able to get the Zoom option to work. I also added some bilinear filtering to make zoom and stretch options look a little better. It makes things a touch blurry, but That will look better when the HD graphics are implemented.

My next task is the Demo/Tutorial system. The demo system in this game uses what's called a "keyfile", which is a timed list of recorded keys pushed during gameplay. I have a sample demo file, but it doesn't have much. While I was checking the filesystem functions for the keyfiles, I saw that my data path variables could stand to be a global so that any function could use them. I streamlined that a bit.

During the initial porting process, I had an issue with the keyfiles before so I left them alone. The problem was I couldn't process the accelerator keys. I actually don't think I'll need these as all the commands I have run across so far don't use them. Especially as I'm going to use the keyfiles for tutorials. The idea is that with every keypress, a bubble will pop up explaining why that button was pressed. That tandem script will be found in a .tut file with the same name. The game only uses one demo file called "rules.dem" but I will take advantage that the keyfile loader allows for different filenames. The idea is the tutorials will be found in the F1 Help function. Right now it just gives a general blurb about the screen you are on. After adding the Option button, I should have no problem modifying the help system. I'll have to come up with a syllabus. Most likely I'll have it auto-play though the shakedown cruise mission as the "final" tutorial.

I've been working a little extra to make up for my lost GDC time. My Trello TODO list is getting shorter too :)

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