Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stretch and Squish

Ship builder in 1080p. It's cooler then it looks
The ability to stretch the game full screen corner to corner works, along with the mouse. Going along with this was a little optimization to the rendering flow. I'm now prototyping the "Zoom-Maintain Aspect Ratio", but I started it late in the day and my brain is having difficulties mathing the proportions right. The aspect ratio is backwards so it's taking my 1280x800 picture and squishing it into a neat 1280x720. (i.e., it's applying the 16:9 aspect ratio of my screen onto the picture, and not the other way around.)

After the display squishing is done, the next project is the keyfiles, which should be turned into a Tutorial system. The keyfiles were originally the prerecorded input used for "demos", which was popular in the 90s. I may extend this a bit with a commentary file that is read in tandem.

It may not look like much, but it's going better then I imagined. 

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