Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Slight Rework

My sleeping schedule is all shot again. I got up on Monday night and just decided to just work 3rd shift. I decided to rework the options menu. It looks so much better and appears like it belongs now. The reason why I'm using the "Classic Theme" is to keep things consistent. When I start implementing the new theme(s) I want to use "Classic" as my template.

Short of some hacks, I am able to read the config data for the most part. I discovered that my theme engine is quite hacky and needs to be corrected. Also, converting a char from 0-255 to a string from 0-100 requires and ugly cast to float. I something I can fix, my brain power is empty now. Also the sliders don't move when you click on them with a mouse. I'll steal that code from the captain builder.

This options menu covers everything from the installer with a few things cut. There is no audio on/off as setting the volume to 0 does the same thing. Also, the game auto detects a pointer device and will give a pointer if appropriate. As you saw from my touch demo, it hides the pointer automatically in that mode.

There is still some cleaning up the theme code and then starting on the Squish/Stretch rendering of the display. I *will* lose my blitter and my mouse when I do this, but it's better to break these and fix them then to have something break and not even know.

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