Wednesday, April 18, 2018

More Options Work

Still working my 3rd shift schedule. No glamorous screenshots. I'm still working on getting options to work right. Most of my work so far on ROE has been to get old functions to function and try and get the game to run as out of the box as possible. In this alpha phase I'm actually adding in functions that were not there before. For extra hard-mode credits, I'm actually using the original Nermal API. Keep in mind, there is nothing stopping me from adding functions in Nermal (I have actually extended it somewhat). What is different now is I'm adding functions into the game proper.

There's a lot of gluing and pixel counting.

I have (yet) another hacky solution to my themes. When the game runs "stand alone" the theme folders will be in the same directory as the executable. However, as I'm writing the game, they are currently not. Visual Studio is doing some path magic where my default folder is my working directory and the executable has been sequestered off into a "Debug" folder. Now that I explicitly name theme folders I need a copy of them with the executable, which botches up my working directory and saving my resources to Git. In Linux this would be no problem to solve as I could just make a symlink to the theme folder and call it a day. In Windows however....

In Windows you do exactly the same thing.

Did you know that Windows systems after Visa support symlinks? Yea, me neither! Actually NTFS 3.1 could do it in Windows XP, but XP's shell has issues with it. Now I have a duplicate theme folder that will change when I update from my working directory. Pretty cool.

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