Monday, April 30, 2018

Still On the Manual Thing

The manual is slow and steady, but while reformatting and reviewing it, I have lots of ideas for tutorials and guided tours now. I'm also jotting down ideas on how to implement the lessons in a back-of-the-napkin kind of way. As I said before, the keyfiles are simple list of what key was pressed and when. It does not save mouse clicks, and on top of which, the mouse is disabled when recording a keyfile anyway. However, one of the interesting things about ROE is that it has object list of all the buttons in the game. The button object info also includes the locations and sizes of them so I'll probably be capitalizing on that to highlight buttons that were pressed with a callout to the tutorial text.

Speaking of callouts, reproducing them in the manual is kind of tedious. If it isn't obvious, I'm using LibreOffice. Sadly, the callouts native to that program have boxes around the text elements. This means I'm having to do the text elements and the line separately. Looking at the original scanned manual, it appears that the graphics were physically pasted into the paper and the lines were drawn with pen. This is a massive improvement.

Anyways, back to putting my editor's hat on.

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