Thursday, April 19, 2018

More Darkwork

I'm still on the options menu. It can flip from full screen to windows mode and it can set the audio settings. I'm quite proud of myself as I can set the audio with sliders or clicking the buttons and with or without the mouse. I'm learning how the GUI works in this system and I'll be using what I know to attack things down the line.

It's taking a little longer then normal, but I'm now back in the saddle. That trip to GDC really knocked me out and it took a lot to get back into the proper headspace again. Tomorrow I'll be doing the text input and hopefully will be going on to the new graphic modes. It's really nice to be able to run the game without editing the config file anymore. The only other "Big" addition I'll be making is the demo system into a tutorial system. It's just a matter of extending the keyfiles a bit. Looking at my Engineering tasks in Trello, that's that and IGS integration, which is coming along as I work the filesystem. 

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