Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Breach 2 Integration

Breach 2 Detection code is in now. See the new Options button?
So I'm still trying to kick out the rest of the filesystem stuff and I'm working on the integration for Breach 2. This means that I need to make plans about how a theoretical Breach 2 game is going to install if I ever port it to Windows.  First thing is that the data files are going to be installed in a set location and I have that all planned out. Next is the Breach 2 commander conversion code, which I unceremoniously dumped a few weeks ago and now have to put back. I have some new code where I can detect if B2 is installed and then grab the files without asking for a path first. After this will be some backtracking to figure out why my mission loader is misbehaving. It's not only crashing, but some missions are being misread, but I'm pretty sure it's the IGS data that's embedded in the file. Emails went out to some people I met at GDC. I have a project request too, so I'll see what that is all about.

I also have to say, thank goodness I documented much of the core functions in  Doxygen. It's making adding buttons (Like my new "Options" at the top) and alert dialogs so much easier to do.

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