Thursday, April 12, 2018

Easter Egg Hunting

Breach2 import works
So I have the ability to load Breach2 commanders now, which is nice. I only have a handful of filesystem functions left that depend on the stdio.h library. While playing the game, I noticed that if a mission had an enemy named "FWRP" that my communications  picture changed from the alen form to a human FWRP officer. I went hunting down where that was and that's where I discovered the "Easter Egg" aliens. I knew they were there as I had a graphic for them, but I never saw it loaded and I assumed that it was some legacy fluff.


Turns out that there is a list if 14 alien names that will change the image of what your race will look like. They are listed below.

"'EJYO' DIVI'" =  Captain Picard
"TERRAN" = Blue Superhero(?)
"TLHINGAN" = Klingon
"FWRP" = Federated World Reserve Personal (In universe)
"FWSF MARINE" = Federated World Star Fleet Marine (In universe)
"OVERLORD" = Devil
"ALLIANCE SSE" (In universe)
"MARVIN MARTIAN" = Loony Tunes chatacter
"UNITED PLANETS" = (In universe)
"ROBBY ROBOTS" = Robot from "Forbidden Planet"
"GORT" = Robot from "The day the Earth Stood Still"
"METALUNAN MUTANT" Alien from "This Island Earth"
"CONRAD NEAL" - Dog with a bow tie

I tried making a Marvin Martian race and, yup... Easter Egg still worked. Sadly, those are going to have to be unceremoniously ditched except for the in-universe races. Cute Egg though.

Sorry Marvin :(

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