Saturday, April 28, 2018

Manual Labor

I've decided to make it a weekend project to finish the manual. At least get it current and into some kind of  baseline. I've had to update some graphics a little but most of it is simply pushing things into the right areas and putting pagebreaks just so. 

It's yet another unglamorous thing. But it's been fun updating some of the icons to Unicode. Sadly the symbols used for PageUp/PageDown and Home/End were not the ones that the Unicode standard chose. (But are the ones in the game) so I had to make due with a graphic.

Speaking of graphic I updated some of the lineart to SVG. Looks pretty snazzy.

All of this work is giving me ideas for tutorials. I think I have about five or six of them in my head now. I finalize them when I'm done with the manual. I'm on page 87 of 220 after a days worth of work.

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