Monday, April 23, 2018


Overlap at the corners
So I was able to correct the seam problems. Most of it was overthinking the problem. What I was doing was tweaking the corners to try and hide the very edge of the texture. What I wound up doing was remodeling the cube to have the edges overlap by a tiny amount. That was able to fix the seam issue once and for all. On the right is the model I used. It was just a matter of making a cube and then "pushing" in each face a little bit.

I fixed the FadeIn() fader. It wasn't anything than needed a rewrite, just some order of operations were backwards. I also just got the starfield implemented.  I've having the border  update when the game updates the screen. Keep in mind that ROE updates the screen asynchronously. This means the border rotates faster on some screens then on others. This is actually a good thing, as it allows me to look for bottlenecks. ROE is not a computationally complex game, but some screens are giving me less then 10 FPS and my CPU is spinning up to 100%. Some screens "pause" input which causes everything to freeze until you press "OK". During my optimization pass I will need to get the background spinning as fast as possible and then I'll put in a timer to get the updates consistent. However, for now, the background is implemented. Now on to the squishy/stretchy bits.

The rotating starfield is ubiquitous while in full screen mode.

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