Friday, April 13, 2018

Keeping Options Open

Every once in a while I'll have an inconvenience get under my skin and I'll will want to fix something "Once and for all". I did this for the Nermal library and then for the BlitBit() function. (Something I rewrote three times).  Now that I'm in the mode of getting ROE feature complete, it was time to attack the "Options" button.

Layout is still in work.
Originally options were set when you installed the game. I added an options button, but all it did was change from windowed to fullscreen and required a restart I'm now adding options and putting in controls. It doesn't work quite yet, but when I get this functional, I'll be off to break/fix the scaling code. When I was at GDC, there was a developer there that made a "retro" game in 4:3 and came up with a slick way to animate the dead space on the sides when it was displayed on a 16:9 display. I told the chap that I as going to straight up steal his idea. He was happy to let me ape the design. I know that once I start messing with aspect ratios it's going to be all over the place. I might as have the option available to put things back when it inevitably screws up so I'm not hex editing the config file all the time. The listing in the screenshot should be all the options I need for this game.

I need to make a few buttons in the menu and get the input right, but this is going to be my pet project for a while.

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