Saturday, April 21, 2018


Testing the skybox UV mapping
So I decided to do things the "hard" way and make the starfield border a skybox. It just seemed like a better way to render it. If I would of gone with the 2D tile route, I wold have had to deal with a rotating a tile matrix and repeating textures. With a sky box I can make the stars pan, roll, and pitch in any direction with no repeats. So far everything works well. I have to remove a lot of the extra cruft and you can also see the skybox seams. I've played with skyboxes in the past with Blender so that's pretty easy off-by-one error you fix. As far as the textures go, I'm going to need to do some perspective correction, resolution boosting, and a apply a little little bicubic filtering as well. I know doing the silly 3D thing is kind of overkill, especially when most of it is going to be covered up by the game. However, what I'm envisioning in my minds eye is holding up and it should look much cooler then a boring black border.

I actually had to make the cube by hand, and manually set the UV points. I'm kind of glad I only had 36 vertexes to deal with. I'm also dealing with some pretty primitive 3D so I don't have to worry about surface normals pointing in the wrong direction. (They all are, which is why the numbers are backwards). This also means my skybox is also inside out , but as it's stars, it't not really a problem.

It Feels good to be back in the programming seat again. I'm going to need to fix this 3rd shift sleeping schedule soon.

Making sure the textures align.

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