Saturday, March 10, 2018

TTF fonts work for the most part

Working the weekend. I think this is the quickest I've ever implemented something from beginning to end. The implementation on the code was pretty quick. The hardest thing was getting the TTF to exactly match the same spacing as the original bitmap font. Now that that's in place, the text routines are all super fast. This also means I can replace the font very quickly if another comes along. I'm still having issue with an aux Gprint() functions and need to write two that print sideways.

For my next trick I'll be adding the config button, but I also have been looking at using a pixel shader to replace ColorMask(). Right now I'm working with each pixel with an honest-to-goodness loop and can probably optimize it better too.

Let see... command import, sound effects, and I still to figure out a final "look" for the updated GUI.  Lots of thing to get done before I'm anywhere calling anything a beta.

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