Monday, March 12, 2018

Fwreep Fweep Fweep!

So I spent most of today in Audacity working with hundreds of public domain sounds. It was time to implement  the sound effects in the game and that meant getting rid of the old Star Trek effects. This required the playback of many many audio files to see if I could find anything close to what I was imagining in my head. You also have to make sure you use the right search terms. You can't just look for "Door Schloop noise" and find anything useful.The last bit is also making sure what you have is in the public domain. I would be dumb to replace a sound effect you don't have rights to with another you equally don't have rights too. I'll probably have the effects loader and player all done by tomorrow.

I also had a crack at printing TTF fonts on their side and was able to get some matrix transforms working. I can print downwards, but upwards uses the original function to make sure one of the return values are calculated correctly.

I should be getting rid of the rest of the non-Allegro filesystem commands. One requires a filepicker and I'm wondering if I should just use the OS's one via the Allegro hook. I'll see how it looks.

On a closing note, Trello is pretty rad and have been great for me to track what I'm doing and what needs to be done. I was told by some of my indie peers that it's great for small stuff, but does not scale at all. I'll see when I start to roll other people into it.

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