Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Prep Work

Successful repo download and compile
So today I didn't spend a lot of time in Visual Studio. I did update the repo with build instructions. Most of today was spent nursing a sick laptop to what I was hoping was better health. Also it was my first time really exorcising Git to make sure I could check in and check out thing correctly. After fixing my commits that was all smooth too.

Sadly the laptop has seen better days. The charging circuits don't work and it has a dodgy power connector. I'll probably just take the chromebook make some presentations using pictures and video from the blog here. I can always RDP from the chomebook back home if I need to get some work done. So that means was mostly marketing research. I spend time online chatting with others who are going to be going to GDC and arranging meet-ups. I'm also fleshing out a schedule of what to do while I'm there.

Other than that, nothing special. Oh, the sound mixer in Allegro has a bug in it and one of the library  developers are looking into it. I sent him example code and he confirmed that it's acting bizarre. That the thing about when you use computer systems daily for hours. Even with commercial systems, sooner or later you will find a bug.

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