Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Going to GDC - and other things

So on Monday I'll be in San Francisco for GDC. That's going to be fun. I spent all day today prepping for it. One of my tasks was bringing my travel laptop back from the dead. It hasn't fared well. The last time it was fired up was when I was in Japan last year. I've been spending most of my day getting things updated and moved around.

I bit the bullet and got a GitHub account and uploaded ROE to it so I could work remotely. Also, my online backup is expiring next month so it was better to get a copy of my work somewhere safe. I'll be switching backup providers as well. I worked in I.T. far too long to see what happens when you don't back up your stuff. Heck, even the provider I have now saved my skin when a HDD blew out. The provider I have now is moving to company-only solutions and exiting the home market.

 I need to still get VS2015 on this machine and get a sync going as well. This means getting Allegro set up and a copy of ROE compiled. I also think my power plug may be dodgy. I'll investigate that too. I'm hoping I don't need a new laptop. If worse comes to worst I'll set up remote desktop and use my chromebook.

Game-wise all the sound effects are complete, but the implementation is acting up. When I monkey with the sounds, I'm losing my audio subsystem all together. May be an allegro bug, but I can use another lib if push comes to shove. It would be a bummer to add a dependency after working so hard kicking lots of the legacy stuff out.

Came across a new development word today; "Darkwork". It's a term for when you code something and the result was no different visually then before. It was used by a coder who was making his own engine and was describing when he was coding up the infrastructure. Meaning he had to do a lot of Darkwork before he had anything even functional towards an engine. I've had Darkwork days too, but as I move to Ugly Beta, there will be a considerable amount of prettiness coming up. I should be thinking about what the new theme is going to look like. I have some ideas, but will need some time in Inkscape/Gimp to see what I can achieve.

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