Wednesday, March 21, 2018

GDC Day 2

I'm writing this the morning after because I literally died last night when I got back to my hotel room. Somehow I was resurrected this morning by my legs feel like noodles. It's a strange environment here. You just walk to up to interesting people and say hello. You chat for a bit, throw out your pitch and have a conversation. I have talked about game narrative, styles, publishing, business, and lots of others just in random. I even pulled an old prototype game from years ago to show to some interested Japanese and swapped cards.

There are vary famous people here. Amusingly, during the GDC 101 talk I attended we were warned to kind of stay "at our level", nothing wrong with striking up a conversation with Mr. Video Game Superstar, but there won't be much that guy can do for you.

I have a video demos of what I have for ROE done on my phone read to go at a moment's notice and people have been interested and have given me great feedback. It's also been fun looking at the reactions from C++ programmers about the thing I've had to do to pull 20 year old code kicking and screaming onto new platforms.

Today the expo proper opens so we will see what goes on there... If you are coming here from the link on my business card. Hello! My whole adventure is here for you to read. Thanks for coming!

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