Thursday, March 8, 2018

Now for the details.

So I was able to sleuth out where the enemy render code was for the game. Updated it and now the little dudes are colored like they are supposed to be. For fun I also decided to add the compile-time switch for a demo executable and that compiled first time through. The game is, shockingly, not crashing which is kind of worrying me :)

I spend an hour hunting down sound effects for the game that need to be implemented. Once upon a time I wrote down a table of what sounds I needed and where they were. I even posted it on this blog. Turns out, I deleted it after I was done. That was dumb.

Also today I cracked open fontforge to look at creating a font that will be replacing the bitmap font used in gprint(). I think I can have that done over the weekend. Also looking into getting that "Options" button added.  Originally the game was configured with a setup program. That is no longer needed but I will probably be looking into an installer package.

My goal is to have a Beta by the end of the month.

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