Friday, March 16, 2018

Into the Breach

Broke though the sound problem and now super productive again! Go me! I was battling an issue where the game would only play two sounds and refused to play the rest. For the last two days I could not get the sound to work at all. That was two days of going though the documentation and everything. I even got in contact with the library developer and sent him sample code and he didn't see why it wasn't working either... Do you want to know what the problem was?

smpl_hits = al_load_sample("res\hits.ogg"); //<---- was not working
smpl_hits = al_load_sample("res/hits.ogg"); //<---- working

Yup I had backslashes in my path. This was even a dumber mistake because here I am trying to abstract the filesystem away, only to use relative resource paths on the filesystem. After I found that I immediately removed all folder references and used Allegro's path system instead. I am now almost done with the filesystem stuff, but came across the functions dealing with loading Breach 2 data. I now had a choice. I could disable it for now or implement it in case I have an opportunity to port Breach 2. I didn't have any samples of the files I needed, so I started to comment out the functions. I then realized this was breaking the whole reason why I'm keeping binary compatibility. I guess if I'm going to make the game feature complete for the beta, I need to  have the Breach 2 stuff functional as well.

I procured myself a copy of Breach 2.

Old School DRM
When I opened it, I was hit with a screen asking me to look up page 27, line 2, word 1 of the instruction manual. It took a bit but I was able to procure the manual too. I then went into Breach and created the files I will need for ROE to work. Added that a new TODO in Trello. Now going to see if I can't get these guys to link together.

Game is still going forward!

Sound Test Below....

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