Monday, February 5, 2018

Saving Missions

Just a quick update. I'm still working on the Mission file save routine. It's pretty big as I have to parse out all the data and put it all in the right order. I also have to be mindful of "blank" data that was usually reserved for linked list addresses that I have to skip over.  All in all I have to manually organize and save anywhere between 300-500 pieces of data.

It's taking a while.

While I was at it I also worked on the loading and saving of "Game lists". The game supports more than one fleet commander. (in other words Multiple players), and you can assign you commander to a mission. While that commander is in that game, they are unavailable for any other missions. This means that when I have the mission data save function working it will be one step closer to playing the actual game...

But, I need to fix the enemy and captain builders first. The paperdolls don't work quite right yet and my color routines need to go in to color the enemy races properly.

Nothing big and surprising yet. Progress is being made.

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