Saturday, February 3, 2018

I'm on a Mission

Mission builder with the original game running in DOSBox
Another Saturday of full-time work. I have the mission builder able to load mission files. I can't help but to side-eye it a little. I had to manually load all the data members and skip over unneeded data. I literally had the  mission file open in a hex editor and the original game running in DOSBox so I can see what data was where. On Monday I'll be writing the mission save function. There is a function to import a Breach 2 captain, but I have a tiny problem with that as the path only goes up to 15 characters and windows using 255. Also I realized that mission files are stand alone and can be shared. I will leverage this later.

The other big thing I realized is that this is a Star Trek game. I mean, I know it has some Star Trek like elements, but when looking deeper at the way everything is put together, it's Next Gen through and though.

On a completely unrelated note. I was thinking of implementing interface themes in the game. I already have the ability to load the "old skool" graphics, and have been using them as a place holder for now. The game will obviously have a new skin. It would be nice to give the users the ability to create their own galactic empire and have the interface themed to match it.

By default, of course, I'll be using an updated FWS theme of the original game.

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