Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Making Intellisense

Alien paperdolls are not going together correctly.
All of the old stdio.h code has been kicked out of the filesystem module. I can now read and write mission files. My next task is to get the transparency to work in the builders. that game had a mode where it would "copy except for black" however I didn't support that mode and instead I'm going to use alpha channels. As you can see my alien races are being rendered with unsightly black corners. Hopefully, just adding a an alpha to those parts will make them look better. Also, I will need to make them white so my tint code will work on them properly. Where there is a B_CUT blit that does the "everything but black" graphic paste, I get a warning generated. I'll do the graphic transparency fix and change it a B_COPY so the warning is removed. I will need to do that to all the builders to get things working.

Another thing I'm doing is cleaning up the code so that the functions show up in Intellisense. It's not hard, but going though each .c file and rewriting the declarations is a tedious process. However, it makes things much more searchable Originally, I couldn't see any functions in my solution explorer and now they are slowly coming back so I can zero in on what function I need to fix/alter.  I have Intellisense finished for all the builders, but haven't started with the game code yet. I want to get the builders done so I can actually play the game to see what kind of mess I have.

Before the game can run though, the 1Ch needs fixing. I feel that's going to to a few days as I have to make it able to flow with the proper global control variables. There is a bit of legacy code that is randomly hiding my mouse too. The original game hid the mouse pointer before screen draws so it woudn't get caught in cut/paste functions. This is no longer needed. The mouse will only be hidden when the game is running on a touch device.

Yea, That's going to be a fun project too :)

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