Thursday, February 8, 2018

Great taste with only 10% of the warnings.

So I'm now down to 131 warnings. I had some personal stuff to do today so I didn't get a good crack at the code. I had a filesystem issue that came up where not all the files were being read in the default data folder. Turns out it was a simple off-by-one error. I gave a crack at working the alpha channels today and the transparencies are not working the way I thought they would. Turns out the game takes my transparent sprites and copies them to a black bitmap for holding before they are transferred to the target buffer. This destroys the alpha channel so I need to do some research into how I can retain that.

When I need to experiment, I never do it in live code. I actually have a whole other project in Visual Studio dedicated to trying out ideas or figuring out what's wrong. The colorbar/tinting experiments were conducted there along with some of my findfirst() and findnext() code. Now it looks like I'll be playing with alpha channels to get things copied right.

I've also been seeing some routines that are XORing graphics with itself to clear the screen. That's cool when you have direct access to the framebuffer, but I'm using a virtual display for the resolution boost and that is SUPER expensive. As I work the code more, I'll probably be seeing more Allegro encroach into the game proper. The game logic itself is solid and does not need to be touched at all. This is just in the name of cosmetic touch-ups.

Friday should be more productive. 

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