Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Reading and Writing

I made inroads into writing out a game file and got stuck on some iterators. The original game dumps the data in structs as one binary blob, I'm not sure of what data is in there, but I know I wound up off by 192 bytes. There was a substructure I wasn't quite finding and not matching up with my saved template. I put a demarcation where the data started going off the rails and moved to the routine that loads the game from disk instead. I'm borrowing data files from the original game and trying to load that save from 1991. So far it's progressing, but the fleet structure has about 4 sub-structures  and one sub-sub-struct member that I'm not iterating correctly though. When the game loads the data proper I should be placed into a spreadsheet-like fleet overview. From there the game proper should start.

When I have the game proper loaded, this should make it easier for me to see what loads to where and then reverse the process back on the disk.

Goals: Once I get the game proper to work, I'll be compiling the stand-alone race builder and will be sending that off to the artist. Then I'll be looking into getting a "configure" button for my game settings, and adding in bits and bobs in my growing todo list.

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