Wednesday, February 7, 2018


While getting the code up to C99 standard,  IntelliSense as become much more useful. I can now see all the functions is the solution explorer and flip back to function declarations with ease. I decided while I was doing this, I should get rid of some of those 600 some-odd warnings that have been hanging around. This required me to start writing prototypes so that those undefined declarations can get cleared out. I imported the obsolete proto.h file and started to update all the prototypes in it.

I'm now down to 305 warnings. When I first got the code to compile I was sitting just shy of 1000 so I've knocked it down to a third of that. I'll try and shoot for zero warnings but some of these are going to stick around as lots of leftovers are architectural. The game proper still has lots of legacy stuff in it, and I have another whole module to convert to Allegro's filesystem. The good news is IntelliSense is making some of the more glaring errors much more obvious.

I didn't work on the builders as the refactoring took priority. It wasn't a lost day as these are all things that need to get done.

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