Tuesday, January 16, 2018


I'm making a dent in the uniform for the male captain uniform. I have three major bodies to do. Male captain , Female captain , and the admiral who will be in a different pose then this one. The picture I have here is a work in progress, I still have to lay out the shadows, clean up the belt buckle and fix the lighting on the boots (It's backwards). I was never a fan of my ability to art. I seem to always be working by the skin of my teeth. The real hurdle is how much everything looks like a disaster until it's almost done. The head is going to be made with a bunch of swap-out generic parts swapped to give each face a distinct look.

I'm not sure about hiding the hands or not. I'm personally rubbish at them, however then is code that changes the hand color based on the race of the character you chose. Also I'm going to use a little creative license to fill out the shoulder patch. I'm most likely going to put a sun there.

After the officers are done, I'll be redoing the in-game font and replacing the gprint() command with Allegro's text. That becomes a bonus as I could use Unicode for non-western languages. (The ability would be there, but not implemented. Don't want to get too much feature creep). These bodies will make a return as later in the game you use them to create enemies as well.

Back to the Wacom I guess.

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