Thursday, January 25, 2018

More High Resolution

It may look the same, but it's actually 1280x800
As the framework for the HD comes onto place, I need to actually give the game high resolution assets to work with.. For now to get things to function I've been blowing up all the old 320x200 to 400% to work as templates. I also have brought on an artist (Yay!) to help with some of the work too. I also figured out how to bring the brightness up on my tinting, but not the contrast. That means that when I brighten things, my blacks become greys. I'm not quite sure just yet where I'm going to be taking the graphics so I may implement the tinting differently.

So, all in all, it's still getting the main engine to take the HD changes, replacing the legacy functions I don't need, and cleaning up the ugly hacks I put in to make the game run.

Swiss flag in ROE
Now that I'm getting a good look at the graphics as I scale them up, I have to keep a running list of art that needs to be changed for legal reasons. Here's one that's interesting. The Swiss flag is used often used for neutral territories and the inverted flag, the Red Cross, is used as a medical help symbol. However, the Red Cross is a trademarked symbol and has gone after video game companies in the past when the Red Cross was used on health kits and such.When I saw that ROE uses the cross for neutral outposts I was all "Whelp! Gotta get rid of that too!" Turns out that's fine, and the Swiss are more than happy for people to use their flag. The Red Cross, however are the guys are are bent out of shape when the Red Cross or the Red Crescent is used.
Old vs new Halo health packs

I'll still have to get rid of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though...

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