Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Low Key

My work ethic was in the toilet today. Getting back into working after the holiday is kind of a drag. I finished up the HD graphic assets for the title sequence, and poked around at the MIDI opening music. It's constructed really weird. It seems that the better the quality SoundFonts I throw at it, the worse it sounds. I know it sounds "fine" with the Yamahama YM3812 synth. (As fine as it can get anyway). The Game was designed for Roland MT32, so I may have to go down the MIDI rabbit hole and see if the tracks are are not channeled correctly. I can't remember if it's Yamaha or Roland that "broke" the General Midi rules about percussion channel placement. It's supposed to be channel 10, but one of those two did an extension and moved the drums around. I mention this because while playing the opening, I'm hearing what is supposed to be timpani drums are coming out as tubular bells. There is also the most obnoxious "whoosh" sound coming from the score at random times. I'm wondering if that's not supposed to be the credits coming in and out, or did a track get stuck on "applause". I'll peek into this tomorrow.

On the flip side I figured out how to override the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth with a software synthesizer that supports SondFonts. This means I can edit the MIDI sequence and play it back in my editor with the correct sounding instruments . After I'm done I'll be able to render it to MP3 with Fluidsynth and the same SoundFont.

Looks better then the CGA version

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