Thursday, January 11, 2018


This was the only way I could think of to show off full screen
I spent most of the day getting the game to run in full screen. I had to do a few experiments with stretching, but in the end I decided to just run the game in the center and play shenanigans with the border. I tried to stretch the same over the whole display but it looked awful. I think 1280x800 is good and I'll doll up the border later. The big thing I fought with was the faders. I had to make my hacks a little more robust so they would work in windowed and full screen modes

The other thing I did was work on the audio so now I have a proper mixer for the music. The sound effects will be rolled in later when I start implementing them in the game proper.

Not much of an update. The fullscreen problem  seems like such a little thing, but it required a lot of refracting to get right. I'm happy with it now. There are just a bunch a little things to pick up now. Looking ahead, it appears I may have to start drawing some fleet commanders in HD. Let's hope I can make that work out. 

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