Thursday, January 18, 2018

Female is 80% there now too.

Female Captain - Old and new
So I have the female captain done now. There are not "done" by any stretch of the imagination. I wil; be doing the Admiral next. After that I have to add some details (ripped battle clothing and then rank on the left and side) and then do the 25 heads. (4 Admiral, 16 male and 8 female). Looking at the assets I'm replacing, it appears that I also have to make up an outpost officer as well, but she's only one person. I would love to make the game equal-opportunity, but the outpost officer takes up the space where the female heads would go. The female is actually a touch smaller then the male avatar.

Comparing the Commanding Officers
Anyways I will live you with a female mock up and I'll be doing the Admiral tomorrow. I've got a system down now so the characters I generate should be getting pushed out quicker and quicker. After the avatars are all done, then it's off to font editing and then planet rendering in blender for the spinney globe logo.

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