Friday, January 19, 2018

I see why Bob Ross didn't like drawing people

I have the Admiral done. It's getting kind of monotonous drawing people. My paperdolls not "done" done. In fact, the heads are temporary. I also haven't drawn any of the battle scars or anything yet/ These do, however show off the direction I'm going in. My last goal is to do the outpost(?) staff lady. She's just wearing a jumpsuit, with no swappable heads. She has a background too. When that is done I will be going back into "Font mode" and will be fixing up the "gprint" font. It's not a fixed width font so I'll be grabbing selecting the proper point pitch and then getting each letter to fit on an individual basis. It would be kind of awful if after all my work, find that the letters overrun.

Anyways here is some more pretty graphics so you can see how they all fit

The EGA color palette surprisingly works! Can you tell I don't like hands?

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