Saturday, January 6, 2018

Music Man

Yea, I'm working on my day off, but the music is done. On my first attempt to convert the MT-32 MIDI into GM, I accidentally scrubbed the program change commands that made each channel change to a different instrument (Not every channel has just one instrument patch). Now that I had an event editor I manually changed each program change event to select the correct instrument. I then ran into another issue. I couldn't find a single SonfFont that sounded good with all the tracks. Either the orchestra hit was too loud, or just used the strings, or another had the harp slightly out of tune. In the end I selected which SoundFont sounded best for each track and exported all the tracks individually as a wave file. Then I imported all the tracks into Audacity and balanced each track to make it sound the best. After that, one big export into MP3 and the music conversion is complete. On Monday I'm be back to coding, starting with redefining the config file to allow for different resolutions, mouse settings, and volume controls.

Here's a snippet of the final music.

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