Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Title sequence is done

The credits go 100% through now. I can implement the music next, but I'll hold off and get to the game proper. Next thing is the main program loop. I do have the original MIDI used in the game. Right now I have a mp3 of the original Soundbaster audio that I'm going to shim in later. I can render what was given me through an actual wavetable synthesizer, and see if I can make it sound better. (I can also edit it down to a few triangle and square waves for fun to see how it would sound on my fantasy NES port :)  

It's a little closer now...
I know my first goal was get this to run as out of the box as possible without making any cosmetic updates. However, while I was adding a proper title and icon to the window, I corrected the age of the universe. It said it was 16 billion years and it's actually 13.82 billion years. I rounded it to 14 billion, but I bet it's going to bug me to correct it once more to 13,820,000,000 in the title sequence later.

The faders are hacky, and I had to make a tiny change to the title code to get the white fade to work right. Also most of Nermal functions I do have working are half-implemented, but it's functional and it compiles. When I start in on the main game loop, I'll see how much trouble I've gotten myself into. 

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