Thursday, December 28, 2017


You know, there is a lot more to font making that I realized. Not much though. I had the basics down as I am used to vector art using Inkscape and SVG. There are a few twists with fonts as they are programmatically controlled. This is just learning a few rules. Holes in the font are dictated by if the drawing vector is clockwise or counter-clockwise. (i.e. if the surface normal is pointing up or down). I can see how font making can be a profession all on it's own, and with Unicode being a thing, you can't just get away with a Latin-1 charset anymore.

One of the A-HA moments I got was when I was able to tell the font how to do kerning properly. The text for the title fonts are mostly square, but not fixed with. The W, X, Z, and M were kind of a pain. that and I had to get the W and A to kern properly (WA) - see how the top of the W and the bottom of the A slot into each other. If you don't kern that right you get a space between the letters. I mostly eyeballed the original font, but in the end I do have my own TTF to use!

There are no lower case letters in this font, which is why it looks odd in preview.

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