Monday, December 4, 2017

Made it though the credits!

I can pull data from the legacy .cfg file too!
I have now implemented enough bare bones functions to get my way through the credits without crashing. It's not pretty, mind you. But, now I have a good idea of how some of my stubbed functions are supposed to work.  I'm going to go back and do the faders properly, also I'm also going to re-work the graphics. I've just been doing "hard blits" and now have discovered that I need to factor in transparencies. The original graphics used 15 colors with the first channel being transparent. I'm converting the graphics from 4 bit to 32 bit and I have to clear channel 0 to transparent (It's currently black)

I was also monkeying around with the silly idea that this game would of been awesome on the original NES. The only thing really stopping it is the RAM. You can probably squeeze out 8K from a car it you tried. May not seem like much, but that's 8,192 bytes! With a little bit of packing with chars, int16s and maybe bitwise booleans you might be able to squish everything in like a Tokyo subway.

That's just me playing fantasy for now.

As I'm filling out the Nermal API, one of the neat things about MSVC intellisense is that it will look at your code and flag what externals are not implemented without even compiling it. This gives me a checklist of what functions are outright missing. From there I can at least semi-implement it or stub it out. As they are externs, the compiler doen't really care if they are actually there or not, and considers it someone else's problem. (As long as you don't try and call it) The linker, on the other hand, gives me the stink-eye every time I rebuild the solution.  I told it to ignore those warnings for now and it just yells into the void in the meantime.

I will try and do an update ~10pm at night. Here's hoping for daily updates.

Back to the faders I guess.

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