Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Tutorial Screen
So my update schedule is going to be a little hit and miss as personal things are popping up in the way. Nothing bad, and I'm still working away. The good news is I have an idea of the seven tutorials that are going in. I'm going to be writing a supplemental tutorial editor for myself, just to make editing the timelines a little easier. Also, I have been looking at some new themes for the game proper. Nothing concrete yet, but I'm starting to narrow down what I want the true "Default" theme to look like. It's a little more blue and white with grey and a slight cartoony touch, but the "Classic" mode will still be there too.

 As for right now, there is a lot to back-end and co-opt the old help system, but this is the last functional feature I'm adding that I know of, unless I forgot anything.

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  1. Do you have a facebook page where I can follow this project? I adored this game in high school, and I'm really excited to see that someone is picking up the torch and running with it!